Holiday season is just around the corner and it's time to start looking for home accessories that will help create festive mood. I can't imagine Halloween and Christmas time without scented candles. These also make a perfect small gift of luxury for friends when they come to visit you. My favorite store for scented candles is VOLUSPA and there you can find a great variety of high-end scented candles and other accessories.

Voluspa Sparkling Cuvee Pedestal

VOLUSPA candles are something truly special and they really stand out among the competition. The key difference is the luxury design and quality ingredients. In fact, the company uses coconut wax blend that ensures nice creamy consistency. Plus, it helps retain the subtle fragrance notes longer. This sets VOLUSPA apart from more budget friendly brands and explains why their fragrances are so delicate and long lasting. The company also states that their wicks are 100% natural, and all their candles are ecologically sustainable and are free of any pesticides and parabens.

Voluspa Sparkling Cuvee Candle

I usually purchase VOLUSPA candles at their signature VOLUSPA store in Fashion Island. They can also be available for sale at Bloomingdale's and Anthropology, if you prefer instore shopping. You can also purchase VOLUSPA candles and other accessories at their official website, but I recommend doing it only when you know exactly which fragrance you want. For me, choosing a scented candle is something like choosing a perfume and the process itself is part of indulgence.

Voluspa Store Fashion Island

VOLUSPA candles are really unique. VOLUSPA glass candles look chic and expensive, and their fragrance is sophisticated but not intrusive. There are single wick glass candles, 2 wick glass, 3 wick glass and even 5 wick glass candles, and the range of scents is very impressing. You are sure to find the scent that appeals to you most or just fits your current mood.

Voluspa Candle Assortiment

There are also tin candles that range from mini to 3 wick candles as well as candle gift sets that may consist of 4-12 candles in each. Such a set makes a perfect luxury gift to last for the whole year.

Voluspa Silver Birch Peppercorn

Also, there is a wide choice of VOLUSPA diffusers to choose from. Make sure you don't miss VOLUSPA sale to get your favorite scented candles with big discount. You can check their official website often or sign up to be the first to know about the upcoming deals and get a free gift with your first online order.

Voluspa Silver Birch Peppercorn

VOLUSPA holiday candles are sure to add to your festive decorations and setting. VOLUSPA Spiced Pumpkin Latte is great for creating warm fall environment and you can choose from a range of sizes and type of candles (mini or large, in glass or tin).

Voluspa Spiced Pumpkin Candles

I only wish VOLUSPA had personalized candles to complement unique home environment or serve as a personalized gift. I know that Personalization Mall offers personalized candles, but their scent is not as delicate and refined as the fragrance of VOLUSPA candles. Once I ordered a personalized candle online and even got discount with Personalization Mall coupon, but the affordable price meant mediocre quality you can find in most chain-store retailers.

VOLUSPA candles are of exceptional quality, and they make an aroma gift that lasts. Holiday season is always a magical time and sometimes it's worth splurging on quality items that will enhance the warm atmosphere and add some elegance and chic to your upscale environment.

Voluspa Gift Bag