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Paraffin, Soy, or Bees Wax for Your Next Candle?

Candles are universally loved because our noses desire stimulation that transfers to comforting feeling, not to mention the flickering light by which we can complete our day. At least this is how I feel about a candle during dinner and on my work desk late at night. During summer time I get a little less obsessed about candles than in winter, so I use this time for refilling my candle collection in preparation for those long fall and winter nights.

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While all candles are nice, some are nicer than others. After burning a few candles I understood how important it is to find out what they are made of if you don't want those candles that produce black smoke, stop smelling after a couple of hours, and simply don't create complete ambience you are searching for.

Most candles are made of paraffin, but the new trend is turning towards mass produced soy and bees wax ones that are much better for you. They all are easily accessible and affordable for just about every budget. Let's take a look:


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Paraffin can be more harmful that good for you, so instead of ambience you will get a dose of chemicals with smoke. Paraffin comes from a bottom of crude oil barrel. People didn't give it much thought for years, but recently there is a strong trend against it.

Something that comes from crude oil has plenty of toxins already. The substance then goes through bleaching process and treatment with more chemicals that can cause cancer. Then add artificial dies and scents! Paraffin, like all oil, is non-renewable and pollutes the air. There is plenty of paraffin to be had from oil barrels and it's cheap, of course, but the damage to health and air has to be taken into consideration and might be non-reversible. Stains from such candles are hard to clean and can stain the surroundings with black soot. Think about all that before you buy a cheap candle next time.


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Soy is definitely one source that is fully renewable and abundant. Soy wax comes from concentrated soybean oil. Tofu is also made from that same oil and if it's safe to eat, it is definitely safe to burn. Needless to say, soy wax is very appealing for all who care about healthy lifestyle and their surroundings. There is one small problem though - soy wax still needs a small amount of paraffin to hold because it starts melting at room temperature. Most of soy grown in the world is now genetically modified and its oil is mixed with other vegetable oils and waxes. So beware that even candles that are labeled 100% soy are rarely so. Despite a few issues, even soy and paraffin blends are still much better than just paraffin.

Soy candles are good because of these reasons:

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  • This plant wax is natural and harmless
  • Burns clean unlike paraffin, so you won't have to clean black smoke stains
  • No toxins or chemicals get released when burning these candles
  • These natural candles are good for environment and human health
  • Soy candles are safer because they have lower melting temperature and won't burn your skin as fast as paraffin ones would
  • These candles last a long longer and are cheaper because of that
  • They burn clean and because of that essential oil scents are stronger, but because no toxins are released, you won't get a headache

Bees wax

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This material is the oldest known and best for candle making, even Egyptians knew that. Bees wax is natural and has no toxins. It is made by bees and is a byproduct of honey production. Bees use it for making honeycombs. Bees wax is vegan, vegetarian, and cruelty free because bees are not harmed during its harvesting. It is as natural as it could be.

Candles from bees wax have no toxic materials, soot, or pollution. In fact, burning bees wax purifies the air and removes dust, mold, and bad smells naturally. These qualities are especially useful to people with asthma and allergies. The natural scent of honey is calming and can be mixed with any other fragrance.

Bees wax candles don't produce any remaining residue when burning. The light of such candle is soft and pleasant to human eye, close to the color of sun light.

Bees wax candles are pricey, but it takes over 30 million flowers for bees to visit to produce one pound of bees wax. The investment is worthy though, because no other candle material will give you so many benefits and pleasure.