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Best Rated Candles on Amazon

People can be very passionate about candles. I know we are. And what.s not to be obsessed about? Candles help create mood, distribute scent, provide coziness, are great as gifts, and serve as perfect accessories for our homes.

Hudson Candles

Let.s take a look at candles that got people talking about on Amazon, and by talking we mean thousands of reviews.

Best Rated Candle

Yankee Candle Large 2-wick Tumbler Candle, Beach Walk - $21

This candle is loved not only because of its fresh ocean scent and powerful flame from two wicks, but also because of its size, safety in a glass jar, and long hours of burn time, think 200 and more.

Yankee Candle Scented Candles

Best Rated Less Expansive

Glade 2-in-1 Jar Candle Air Freshener (set of 2) - $5

People love the price and the scent that is felt for hours even after it stops burning. While the candles are small, they last up to 12 hours, making this a great value purchase.

Best Candle for a Gift

Chesapeake Bay Candle Scented Candle, Balance + Harmony, medium - $11

It.s so good and so nicely scented that many people are tempted to keep it. It comes wrapped and in its own box. It makes the entire house smell wonderful for a very long time.

White Barn Scented Candles

Trapp Signature Home Collection No. 8 Fresh Cut Tuberose Poured Scented Candle - $26

Yet another candle that is packaged for gifting. Not only it comes in a little cute house-shaped box, but the scent lasts and lingers all day long.

Best Scented Jar Candle

Yankee Candle Medium Jar Candle, Honey Clementine - $21

Again, not a cheap one, but beautifully scented and lasting for up to 65-75 hours. While the candle comes in a ton of scents, this particular one gets the most positive reviews on Amazon. People marvel at its freshness and how it lingers after burning for just an hour.

Yankee Candle Medium Jar Candle

Best Scented Soy Candles

CANDLOVE Scented 16oz Mason Jar Candle 100% Soy - $14

Users boast that this candle fills the room with scent even when unlit, but it also burns for up to a month with 4-6 hours per day. They contain no chemicals and still provide great smell.

Mrs. Meyer.s Clean Day Scented Soy Candle, Geranium 2-pack - $19

Great for people with sensitive noses and allergies and even for those who generally don.t like scented candles. It burns clean and does that for many hours.

Best Scented Votive Candle

NEST Fragrances Votive Candle, Apricot Tea - $16

This candle is enjoyed by people famous and less so because of its various fragrances and how fast the room gets filled with it after lighting the candle up.

NEST Fragrances Candles

Best Decorative Scented Candle

Capri Blue Volcano Printed Travel Tin Candle - $20

This candle is widely used by Anthropologie and now you can bring it home. It smells clean, beachy, and citrusy all at the same time. People of both genders love it.

Best Tea-Light Candles

Zion Judaica Quality Tea-light Candles, unscented, pack of 120 - $7

The struggle to find high quality tea-light candles is definitely real. Some don.t light up, some burn for one hour, some only burn in the middle, but not all the way around and produce very weak flame. These ones have 2,500 reviews and have it all figured out.

LAFCO Scented Candles

Best Holiday Candle

Thymes Frasier Fir Pine Needle Candle - $30

It is not very cheap, but it can bring Christmas spirit to your home during the season and beyond. Its scent is strong, but not overpowering, so you can burn it as long as you desire. Your home can smell like forest all year round, not only in December.

Best Scented 2-Wick Candle

Yankee Candle Large Tumbler Candle, Midsummer.s Night - $15

The scent of this candle is almost unanimously described as strong and masculine. It has earthy and woody undertones and definitely fills the room without overpowering it. The candle burns evenly and to the bottom of the jar.

Yankee Candle Large Candles

Best Scented 3-Wick Candle

Yankee Candle Elevation Collection with Platform Lid, Citrus Grove - $18

The square jar is modern and elegant and the lid fits underneath the candle like a coaster. It lasts for a long time and smells wonderfully.

Best Soy Candle for Pet Odors

One Fur All 100% Natural Soy Wax Candle - $22

This candle has been repeatedly described as the best remedy for all kinds of pet odors – litter boxes, wed dogs, and pet food. It.s not very strong and doesn.t mask the smells, but it eliminates them.

Agraria Candles

Best Self-Extinguishing Candle

Candle by the Hour 80-Hour Vertical Candle - $26

This unusual candle is not only amazing to look at, but also very functional with self-extinguishing capabilities. You can start conversation about this candle and catch dripping wax with the brass clip. People rave about the perfect bedtime routine with the help of this candle, where you can fall asleep and have the candle extinguish by itself.

Best Unscented Pillar Candles

Melt Candle Company Ivory Pillar Candles - $19

$19 for 3 huge pillar candles is an unbeatable deal. They don.t drip, don.t smoke, don.t smell, and burn slowly. These qualities make them perfect for weddings, baptizing, and as table centerpieces at home.

Stonebriar Tea Light Candles, 100-pack - $14

People like these candles for their longevity and reliability. They are big and burn very evenly for 6-7 hours, which is rare for tea light candles.


Best Beeswax Tea-Light Candles

Bluecorn Beeswax 100% Pure Beeswax tea Lights, 24-pack, raw - $26

It.s hard to get good-burning and lasting candles from beeswax, but not with these. People with asthma can use them and enjoy natural gentle smell.

Voluspa Peruvian Lime Jardin Candle

Best Battery-Operated Tea-Light Candles

Homemory Realistic and Bright Flickering LED tea-lights - $11

This is your most realistic fake candle, according to thousands of users. It looks like wax and flickers like a real thing for people with allergies or outside for days and nights during all sorts of weather conditions.

Best Rated Scented Candles

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